Sunday, 2 February 2014

Only in an American school....

This in today from the Bambina's school:

Dear Parents,

Your child may have mentioned to you that a lock down safety drill was held across all grade levels yesterday. We have been practicing a variety of drills throughout the school year as part of our commitment to school safety. 
Drills encompass situations from fires to inclement weather (like dust storms), from an unwanted campus intrusion to unsafe situations in our surrounding neighborhood. We do not wish to frighten students with thoughts of possible emergencies. On the contrary, research tells us that students and teachers who think about potential situations, prepare for them, and practice how they would respond are more able to remain calm, act confidently, and stay safe in the event of a true emergency. 
School safety is everyone's responsibility-teachers, support staff, students, and parents. Students were reminded that their primaryresponsibility during a safety drill is to move quickly and quietly, following the directions of their teacher and school administration. We hope you will help us reinforce these expectations at home with your child and support us in our efforts to build a culture of safety and preparedness.

If you have any questions about these drills, please reply to this email.
Best Regards-
The Bambina says they have now trained the children what to do if an man with a gun enters the school and starts shooting people at random. They are to lock the door of the classroom, tape paper to the window on the door, turn out the lights, and hide under their tables.

Can you tell that my daughter goes to an American school?