Thursday, 10 May 2012

You Know Your House is in the Middle East When...

It's been a while! We've been busy on vacation back in France then back to Kuwait to move from our three-bedroom apartment to (finally) a house!

You know you live in a house in the Middle East when:

- your house is 800 square metres (that's about 8000 square feet);

- there is a room just for the driver (and it is possible that you even have a driver);

- there is a third floor (second floor in European parlance);

- there are two of everything: two kitchens, two living rooms, two dining rooms...except for bedrooms - of which there are at least four (not including the maid's bedroom), and toilets - of which you have lost count;

Dining room No. 1

 Dining room No. 2 (well, part of it - the table seats 12)

- there is a swimming pool next to one of the living rooms - enclosed in glass;

- your master bedroom is, in fact, a suite, complete with sitting room, walk-in dressing room, and bathroom;
- the grocery store is a theoretical ten-minute walk from your house but it's literally not possible to get there by foot;

- there are eight similar houses on your little street, and about fifty cars, motorbikes, and vans;

- notwithstanding the presence of eight other gigantic houses on your street and many many automobiles of all sorts, you have never met nor even seen any of your neighbours - ever;

- your kids ride their bikes inside; and

- there are 100+ channels on your Nilesat television satellite system, of which there are five in a language that you understand.