Tuesday, 8 September 2009

What has happened since I last wrote in this blog:

End of March: My darling partner, the Frenchman, is released from house arrest (That's right, house arrest. The caribinieri had arrested him for suspected mafia activity. He was innocent, of course, but the Italian justice system has a nut loose. Poor Frenchman spent two weeks in a prison in Potenza over Christmas and then three months under house arrest in our apartment in Rome. Of course, he wasn't allowed any visitors or telephone calls while under house arrest so all he did all day was work on the computer (which explains why I was rarely able to update this blog...)).

April: The Frenchman's employer informs us that we are moving continents.

April 25: I give birth to a darling baby boy, the Bambino, in April, at home. I feel like a carwreck afterwards but am nonetheless thrilled about my little Bambino.

May and June: With the help of movers, I pack all our belongings. The Frenchman has already left to seek out a new home at our next destination.

End June: We leave Rome and spend two weeks in Paris (France, that is, of course).

Finally, in July, we move to.....


And so, the Globetrotter Parent will continue this weblog from her new island domicile...

(Now I just have to wait for someone to comment "I like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it...")


Beating With A Spinnaker said...

Wow. It took me a long time just to get through the first paragraph alone. That is A LOT going on. I am looking forward to reading about life in Madagascar. How cool! And congrats on the baby!

Expat Women said...

Hi C,

Madagascar? How unique and exciting. Enjoy!

C, we tried to write to you recently but your old gmail account didn't work. We're trying to update our blog directory, so please get in touch so we can update your details.

Many thanks!

Andrea Martins
Director, www.expatwomen.com