Tuesday, 22 February 2011

South Africa part 1 - Pilanesberg Game Reserve & Sun City

Things I learned during the four days spent in Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa:

- Seeing animals in the wild is a very different experience than seeing them in a zoo or on a nature documentary.   It's breathtaking.

- It's important to choose a game reserve with a high density of animals.  Children get easily bored in the car when there are no animals around.  The Bambina preferred to play on her Nintendo DS while she waited for us to spot the animals.  

Kruger National Park has more animals than Pilanesberg (or so I'm told) but there are also many many many more people there, so you have to deal with the crowds and all the cars.

- Don't be surprised when you discovered that the kids very obviously prefer the day spent at the completely artificial, 100 percent plastic amusement park, Sun City, complete with mega-high water-slides and tidal wave pool, over the hours spent on safaris gazing at wild animals on the game reserve.


Sarah said...

Looks amazing!