Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Why we love visiting Paris

The Bambino and I just returned from Paris less than two weeks ago.  As usual, we enjoyed every minute of it.  Here are some reasons why.

Carroussels abound.  The Bambino liked riding on this one right beside metro Jean Jaurès in the 18th arrondissement.   He went on it at least six times a day!

And the one in front of the hotel de ville was also a real treat, for the ride and for the gorgeous surroundings.

You can find a clean, safe, and fun public playground in pretty much every neighbourhood in Paris.   There are no parks or playgrounds where we live.  We rely solely on our own and other people's houses for this kind of recreation in Madagascar.

Flower shops, boutiques, ice cream stores,... civilization!

...and of course bakeries.  The Bambino asked for a croissant every single morning of our trip.


Lyne Lefebvre said...

I have tried to write to you on an address I found on an older post, but email came back.

I am french Canadian from Quebec, my boyfriend is a Frenchman from Paris now living in Quebec,we are looking for a stay in Madagascar so your blog caught my attention.Could you send me your email please, so I can ask you a few questions, I can't find it on your blog?


Thank you!