Thursday, 10 May 2012

You Know Your House is in the Middle East When...

It's been a while! We've been busy on vacation back in France then back to Kuwait to move from our three-bedroom apartment to (finally) a house!

You know you live in a house in the Middle East when:

- your house is 800 square metres (that's about 8000 square feet);

- there is a room just for the driver (and it is possible that you even have a driver);

- there is a third floor (second floor in European parlance);

- there are two of everything: two kitchens, two living rooms, two dining rooms...except for bedrooms - of which there are at least four (not including the maid's bedroom), and toilets - of which you have lost count;

Dining room No. 1

 Dining room No. 2 (well, part of it - the table seats 12)

- there is a swimming pool next to one of the living rooms - enclosed in glass;

- your master bedroom is, in fact, a suite, complete with sitting room, walk-in dressing room, and bathroom;
- the grocery store is a theoretical ten-minute walk from your house but it's literally not possible to get there by foot;

- there are eight similar houses on your little street, and about fifty cars, motorbikes, and vans;

- notwithstanding the presence of eight other gigantic houses on your street and many many automobiles of all sorts, you have never met nor even seen any of your neighbours - ever;

- your kids ride their bikes inside; and

- there are 100+ channels on your Nilesat television satellite system, of which there are five in a language that you understand.


0 said...

Ahhh, to live the Gulf life! I would not trade the heat this time of year though for any number of bathrooms (although maybe for my own pool!).

Sarah @ Baby Bilingual said...

It's been a while since I visited your blog--wow! Congratulations on your successful move to Kuwait. I'm going to have fun reading through your archives to see how the rest of your stay in Madagascar was.

And I'm eager to hear about how the kids (and parents) learn Arabic!

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Anonymous said...

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Erin Fitch said...

I'm an american television producer and I'd love to speak with you more about your move. How can I contact you?

Flower said...

Nice blog!

I had a question for you --- have you seen cloth diapers in Kuwait? And if so, at which stores?

Flower said...

Nice Blog!

Do you know where I can buy cloth diapers in Kuwait?