Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Driving in Kuwait. Yikes!

Seen today, on the Fahaheel Highway of Death (otherwise known as highway 30) going from Salwa to Salmiya: a mother in the driver's seat, an empty carseat in the back, and her under-two year old child sitting next to the mother in the driver's seat.

Here are some other things we see all the time while driving in Kuwait:

People talking on their phone while driving

Small children not in a car seat and not wearing a seatbelt, often moving around inside the car, sometimes even standing up and sticking their heads and arms out the window or sunroof!

People texting while driving

Here are the kinds of accidents and car wrecks that we regularly see:

We are continually surprised by the driving culture in this country and by the number of horrific accidents that we see, so much so that the Frenchman and I have created a Facebook page called "Too Many Car Accidents in Kuwait." Look it up for yourself.


Arnold Brame said...

I have been in Dubai for many years and seen what way the drivers drive their cars. No surprise that severe accidents takes place in Dubai.

Arnold Brame
Health And Safety Consultant Peterborough